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In Omsk will judge the woman who has offended guards

In the beginning of February of this year in underground transition Ekaterina has stopped at a stall with mobile phones. The woman has asked the saleswoman to show phone, but that for the inexplicable reasons has refused.

Having become angry, Ekaterina began to shout a floor-mat and to offend the seller which too did not begin to be silent. At the height of quarrel the customer was converted behind the help to militiamen who were on duty nearby. But even at their presence Ekaterina all was not appeased and continued to row and kick a pavilion door. Guards tried to calm deboshirku, but that has started to offend and them.

- Concerning the woman criminal case under article « has been brought; the Reviling of the representative of the power » - the assistant to the public prosecutor of Lenin district Oleg Kiselyov has told. – At first she did not recognise the fault, but as a result has repented. Threatens the woman about a year of corrective works.

In the near future materials of criminal case after the statement of the bill of particulars will be directed to court.

the Name of the woman is changed.