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In Krasnoyarsk region the business card has saved life to the policeman

Operupolnomochennyj Vladimir Koroteyev, and cynologist Andrey Stalmak from Minusinsk department militias (Krasnoyarsk region) searched for the criminal who has stolen things of patients in Minusinsk a tubercular clinic. In park, near to a clinic, policemen have seen the suspicious person with the big bag.
- stop! – Vladimir Koroteyev has demanded, and at once has gone on the man on whom it was clear – he will stand and wait for nobody.
but instead of running, that has stepped towards to policemen …
- the Suspect, to it has appeared 39 - the summer inhabitant of Minusinsk, has got a knife and has struck Vladimir Koroteyev in the heart, - Olga Shamansky, the senior assistant administrator of Investigatory committee of Krasnoyarsk region speaks. - The edge has punched a jacket, but has got to the business card (it is made of a dense cardboard) which lay in an inside pocket …
Having broken, the edge has touched a chest on a tangent, the wound has appeared not dangerous. Having pulled hard, policemen have braided attacked, have then called help, and « fast ».