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Instead of a semi-final on hockey in Kaliningrad staged show by Pugachevoj

Evening of Friday on May, 13th kaliningradtsy waited with special thrill. As on « Russia 1 » in 21. 10 on the Kaliningrad time translation of a semi-final of the World championship on hockey from Slovakia should begin. Alas! Having included the TV at the appointed time, fans have seen not a duel of Russia and Finland, and the program « the Factor And ». One, being afraid to pass the most interesting, has jerked to computers, others - to neighbours at whom the satellite television is adjusted. And someone had to sit and wait with the impaired a little mood when Alla Pugacheva will finish vocal lessons. As a result hockey has begun on an hour later - in 22. 10.

In the Kaliningrad regional radio television transmitting centre RTRS have explained that those who looks analogue television, receive programs in record as in an announcement grid time for local news is provided, socially - political programs. And for the reason goes sdvizhka programs, and hockey have seen after declared time.

In GTRK « Kaliningrad » the information have confirmed.

- the announcement Grid affirms as Moscow, - have explained « » in release service, - affect it we cannot. Therefore those who receives the program « Россия1 » in the Kaliningrad version, watch translations of matches recorded. After all there are cable operators who give the chance to look this channel and in the Moscow version. And those who looked that evening the Moscow variant, could see hockey on declared before time.