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Bad weather in Irkutsk: at 9 Irkutsk families have burnt down apartments

Weather again has given inhabitants of Angarski Krai an unpleasant surprise. Alas, after solar hot days the new cyclone has come to region. The strong wind and a downpour have fallen upon Irkutsk absolutely inopportunely. From - for taking down from feet of impulses in area the number of fires has increased: 11 in region, including 8 in capital of Angarski Krai. (Details)

-   On wind strengthening Irkutsk UGMS informed for some days, heads of municipal unions have been warned beforehand about storm warning, - has informed on a press - conferences to journalists vrio deputy chief GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across the Irkutsk region   Andrey Zaloznyj. - In Talc settlement the house, a shed and a bath has burnt down. In the Wasp and Ust - the Horde apartment houses burnt. The basic share of fires has occurred in Irkutsk. From 8 calls it has appeared 2 problem.

in area Zatona the warehouse of saw-timbers blazed. The strong wind quickly extended fire. It could be thrown easily on finished goods warehouse. A fire extinguished   34 persons and 10 units of technics. In 17. 09 states of emergency have localised, and in 19. 39 completely liquidated. The reason of state of emergency just should be established. But   under the preliminary version all has occurred from - for casual handling of fire.   the blessing, has done without victims. Anybody from people has not suffered. A damage while count up.

other fire-fighting crew struggled with a flame in the street Botkin.  
the area of a premise of 700 square metres. In the street Botkin 2 apartment houses flared.
the Irkutsk garrison of fire protection has been resulted in readiness 1. Lifting of staff free from performance of duty is made, input of reserve technics in fighting calculation is carried out. There have burnt down 2 apartment houses.

  - the message has arrived practically simultaneously with the message on a fire in warehouses in Zatone, - Andrey Zaloznyj speaks. - A cause of the fire it is established. The basic version   - has fallen grasses.

alas, but from - for state of emergency of 9 families remained without a roof over the head. They are 24 persons, among them 5 children.   all of them have temporarily placed   on a resort Angara. The city administration of Irkutsk will solve further a question on granting   to the suffered people   habitation.

On it informs a press - service GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across the Irkutsk region.