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C have subdued the Megacity

It was organised by the Center of development of creativity of children and youth. The action main task is to reveal and support talents, to exchange cultural experience and to nurture tolerance among youth.

Numbers have been presented on nominations: a colloquial genre and small theatrical forms, musical art, a modern choreography, an original genre, theatre of fashions.

Spectators have seen many the bright, interesting dancing statements executed in various styles. Dance « was especially remembered; Opposition » presented by participants of Orthodox youth movement « Soborjane ». It is a composition on a subject of struggle of Good and Harm where the first, certainly, triumphs. The deep sense and unusual execution distinguished dance from all other numbers.

Movement « Soborjane » operates since 2004 Also takes active part in various projects, such as: « Our Victory » thanks to what have finished shooting 250 video interviews to veterans of the Second World War, « it is More than oxygen » in which result have planted trees and shrubs in 120 educational institutions of Stavropol Territory. As the organisation has a personal newspaper, drama school and a youth holiday camp.