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In Cheboksary the fan is detained to finish a feast knifing

For the 26 years the inhabitant of Cheboksary will go under court already   the second time. By a consequence it is proved that the young man some times attempted upon life of the drinking companions. One of them has died on the spot incidents.

As appears from criminal case materials, about a garage complex in one of disctricts of the city the body 51 - the summer man without a certain residence with the knife wounds in the field of a neck is revealed.

by the Consequence it is established that the killed drank in this place spirits with a certain young man who after and has been detained by guards. It has appeared that it of all was some years ago released from places of confinement where has spent 6 years for a similar crime.

Policemen have found out that in day of murder of the homeless, the guy met the acquaintance and after joint drinking of strong drinks also has put it two blows by a knife in area of a head, the person and a neck. Besides autumn of last year the accused has attacked with a knife other drinking companion.

Now the man is in custody. Criminal case investigation is finished and passed in court, informs SOU SK of Russia on the Chuvash Republic.