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In Novokuznetsk a wind has broken roofs of four cottages

rare enough natural phenomenon it is registered in settlement Lapin a broad gull that in Kuibyshev area of southern capital of Kuzbas. Here on Sunday evening there was a local flaw, that is on a small site speed of a stream of air has increased to the storm. As a result of a heavy wind in settlement four cottages with outdoor constructions have suffered.

- On houses has broken a metal tile on the area from 25 to 50 %, - the employee has told a press - Management services on protection of the population and territory on Novokuznetsk Anastas Dmitriev. - also has broken a roof from a brick hen house,   also was   it is hurt   a hothouse   one   from the flown away pieces   roofs.  

  Fortunately state of emergency has done without victims   and threats of the further collapse.

the same day, inhabitants of Novokuznetsk   after   the last downpour   Have complained of flooding of underground transition on the Left Coast and highways: opposite to a cinema « the Flame » in Kuznetsk area, along the street Lazo in Kuibyshev area and under the prospectus Kuznetskstroevsky.

Fortunately state of emergency has done without victims and threat of the further collapse.
a photo: Ekaterina SARDAKOVA