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Stable work - stable deductions

In the first quarter 2011 the factory of mineral fertilizers has increased tax revenues in the budget of the Kirov region to 458 million roubles.

Certainly, the increase in the sum of the profit tax says, first of all, that the enterprise increases volumes of output. It, really, so. For the first quarter of current year the factory of mineral fertilizers has increased volumes of output by 5 % in comparison with the similar period of 2010 – with 562 to 590 thousand tons of production.

And to reach it, in turn, became possible because at the enterprise the close attention is given by manufacture upgrades. As the director of branch Sergey Drinevsky, for the confirmed program on these purposes for 2010 marks - 11 the enterprise will spend more than 1 mlrd rbl. « All investment projects which are realised today at factory, are considered from three points of view. This increase in productivity, stability augmentation of work of manufacture and cost price decrease. And the actions directed on these purposes, in 2010 it has been spent much. Some scale projects are realised stage by stage as are calculated for some years, a part from them will be continued in 2011 » - Sergey Drinevsky marks. So, during major repairs - 2011, works practically on all production cycles of the enterprise will be spent, mentioning large-capacity units of manufacture of ammonia, nitric acid, ammoniac saltpeter and difficult fertilizers.

It is clear that all actions for upgrade of contribution links contribute in maintenance of stable work of the enterprise. It in turn conducts to preservation of workplaces and tax revenues in all levels of the budget.

Examples it is possible to result set. For example, in shop of manufacture of ammoniac saltpeter a spadework on building of a new line on packaging and loading of soft containers has already begun. Such line will allow to increase productivity of shipment of fertilizers in soft containers (MKR) almost by 20 %.

During the same time in shop of manufacture of difficult mineral fertilizers works on replacement of the fourth drum granuljatora - dryers (BGS) have begun. Let`s remind, within the limits of the program of upgrade of the equipment of factory of mineral fertilizers, in 2010 in the case 503 such two drums have been replaced. In these huge, length of 16 metres and diameter 4,5 metres turning on a horizontal axis units, a method granulirovanija receive ready difficult fertilizers. And the quantity and quality of finished goods of shop depends on their trouble-free work. Last year, after replacement of two such drums, the shop of difficult mineral fertilizers has reached record indicators of output - 775 thousand tons a year, 10 % of growth in comparison with 2009. The past year was marked by the whole series of achievements for factory of mineral fertilizers. In the beginning of November in shop 51 have ahead of schedule received million ton of ammonia, in the end of December in shop 57 have let out million ton of ammoniac saltpeter.

The enterprise works stably, industrial indicators grow. Receipts in budgets of all levels grow also. It is possible to result such figures for comparison. Payment of the profit tax for the past fourth quarter, 2010, in the area budget has made more than 264 000 000 roubles. For the first quarter 2011 this sum has made 458 729 357 roubles. And taking into account April payments the sum of the tax of the regional budget for the first 4 months 2011 has made 611 639 142 roubles.

Finally, each rouble enclosed in manufacture will return as a salary to state employees of area, doctors and teachers.

« News Business in Kirov » number left 16. 05. 11.