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In Petersburg there was no place for a monument to cleanliness

Bronze sheet, height in the whole metre, on an idea of authors of the project, personifies natural cleanliness. Its Petersburg master Vitaly Tikhonov has shaped.

– from it the drop should flow down, - organizers of the project speak. - but technologically it has appeared more difficult, than we thought. It was necessary to refuse it.

the Monument to cleanliness as is ready week. To its wide public presented still on May, 10th. Here only there is no place to establish.

- Really in Petersburg there were no pure places? – correspondents « were surprised; align = centre border = 0 cellpadding = 2 cellspacing = 1 class = AImage style = clear: both >

the Monument to cleanliness presented the wide public, and a place to it there was no
a Photo: it is given by the public project the Pure future at you in hands
Sheet - a natural symbol of cleanliness
the Photo: It is given by the public project the Pure future at you in hands

- Why was not:   park of entertainments « the Miracle - island » Half-Juostrovsky park, a public garden on   Leninsk, wanted to put even at one of restaurants, - authors of the project list. – but where - that not undertake to support a monument in cleanliness where - that of vandals are afraid. To put that its all agree, but here to look after?

  to Shelter a monument with all inquiries the Vologda area was called. Promised security,   cleanliness and a picturesque place around. Founders of a monument promised to think over the offer.

- At us this week pair of meetings is appointed in Petersburg, - they have told. – if again leaves nothing, it is necessary to us it in the Vologda area to establish.

- Instead of will be insulting to leave?

- it is a little. But on the other hand, we do not wish, that from a cleanliness symbol the bronze leaf became « an ashtray ».

By the way, history with a bronze monument to cleanliness at initiative group « the Pure future today » not as like as two peas, but it is similar to destiny socially - the ecological advertising which too have been removed by them. In total for a week of hire on the Internet a roller nasobiral two thousand viewings, and here with its translation on television negotiations while were at a deadlock.