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In Tatarstan at entrances will establish lamps of new generation

the Lamps working in an automatic mode, have started to establish at entrances chelninskih high-rise buildings in 2009. In a prefix there are two components: the photo cell reacts to light, acoustic – on noise. As a result lamps capacity of 60 Watt do not spend energy in the afternoon days and economically spend at its night. Electric power inclusion occurs only for 50 seconds. Lamps of new generation are three times more economical than the usual.

It is very convenient, - Marina tells chelninka. – when you come into a dark entrance, it is not necessary to search for the switch, light joins automatically.

Prospects of the further development, according to the assistant to the general director of Open Company « ZHilenergoservis » Rinata Hadzhieva, consist in installation of light-emitting diode lamps which give still bolshy economic benefit and are more safe from the point of view of ecology. The program on an establishment of lamps with photoacoustic elements should come to the end in a city on June, 1st, inform Chelninsky news .