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The Moscow area has allowed to spend to gays fleshmob

Tomorrow over park of Pilots in the sky three hundreds multi-coloured balls will soar up. So active workers LGBT - the organisations « the Exit » will call Petersburgers for respect of everyone the person, irrespective of its orientation. At the same time they will celebrate day of struggle against a homophobia. To carry out the action to members of movement has resolved administrations of the Moscow area.

the Place for carrying out « Iridescent fleshmoba » active workers of movement searched long. They have received refusal in the Admiralty, Central and Petrograd areas.

- For two years of carrying out of the action tens cities participated in it, hundreds participants, - organizers have told. - most of all people involves « Iridescent fleshmob » in Petersburg. In 2009 on   to the Neva prospectus 250 persons have walked almost. In 2010 « Iridescent fleshmob » Has taken place in spite of the fact that far right groupings within a month planned failure of the action and an attack for its participants. 150 persons have started in the sky of 300 balloons.

the Inquiry:

the International day of opposition of a homophobia and a transphobia is marked since 2005. On May, 17th, 1990 the World Health Organization has excluded homosexuality from the list of illnesses. This day is officially recognised in Great Britain, France, Mexico, Belgium, Kosta - Rike and Luxembourg.