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The smelt feast has risen a bone in a throat

the Smelt in Petersburg love that more than less it remains in water area of gulf of Finland – it was possible to judge it in huge turns which were built for a cucumber small fish on a feast in a past week-end. Thus the celebration as it was found out, was necessary on taste not to all Petersburgers on what dissatisfied and have informed in edition « the prices

the Prices for a smelt unlike it, bit painfully: 250 roubles for kg large and 150 for the same weight small – it, certainly, on a pocket is far not to everyone. If to consider that in usual grocery shops for a small smelt ask about 50 roubles it becomes absolutely insulting, especially, for pensioners who have arrived on a feast, hoping for discounts.

How much – to hang up in grammes

There are certificates that sellers of a fresh smelt were not pure on a hand – Ostensibly scales they have turned on from buyers specially to cover, duping on ears to the most trusting. It is not necessary to forget and that the desired small fish has got to some frozen, and ice, as it is known, thaws together with already paid grammes.

Beer deficiency

Tastes differ – popular wisdom which misters - organizers, most likely, have forgotten partially learns us. Beer, of course, does not happen a little, but when except one stamp on counters a sphere drive, you start to doubt seriously advantages of market system over the planned.

Toilets – it is small life

Dry closets – it is a scourge almost any city action: them or it is indecent it is not enough, or or so it is a lot of that it is necessary to keep from a disposition place on rather decent distance. On a feast of a smelt people, especially those who leant on beer,   Have faced the first misfortune, and for it it, by the way, also it was necessary to give 20 roubles.

Here to you and the gold formula of capitalism.

Fish butter you will not spoil?

The one who has eaten a small fish, on a heartburn of villages – ridiculously, but such fate waited for all who has tried more than one portion of a fried smelt. Also has put here not so much in gluttony (eventually, at the price of 170 roubles for 150 gramme you you will not especially clear up), how much as sunflower-seed oil.