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In the Japanese government the next scandal

On the prime minister - the minister of Japan Sindzo Abe continue to be strewed blow behind blow. Today the cabinet has shaken new scandal. Minister of Justice Dzhinen Nagase who has declared has this time caused a stir that last year for consultations concerning reception of Japanese visas received money from rural group which looked for foreign trainees for businessmen.

Usually I take money which give to me in support. And I did not think that they suspicious - passes Reuters   words of the minister.

After a train of scandals in the government (three ministers have been removed from fasts from - for the financial frauds, one has committed suicide, and the Minister of Defence has resigned after a scandal story with nuclear bombardments), the largest failure on recent elections in the upper chamber of parliament when the liberal - democrats for the history have lost for the first time the majority of places, Abe urge to resign. However the prime minister intends to spend personnel shifts in an office and to continue a course of the begun reforms.

I know, many urge me to resign and incur responsibility for defeat on elections, - has declared Abe before members of the party. Is a difficult way, but I have decided that should take responsibility for continuation of the begun reforms .

Japanese mass-media predict personnel shifts already in the near future.

While it is selected the upper chamber of Japanese parliament has selected the new speaker. For the first time the oppositionist - the representative of Democratic party of Japan became them. The following purpose of opposition - to provide to itself the majority in the lower chamber that, undoubtedly, will cause already change of the government.