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In Beijing during the Olympic Games - 2008 cars with even and odd numbers will go by turns

On an interesting innovation to the Olympic Games - 2008 Chineses have gone. Under the message http:// russian. people. com. cn/ cars with even and odd numbers will move on streets serially.

it would Seem, what for such strange rule? And in order that in huge Beijing drivers go practically without any rules. As it will turn out. To introduce to games an order, the authorities and want to force local drivers to go on streets such oddly. The main thing that the driver in China was competent. Well distinguished, means, what multiple-valued numbers share on 2 and what are not present. Also rose in turn.

Officials calm pekintsev - specially for movement Olympic transport will allocate separate strips in length more than 200 km. And if to consider that on the Olympic Games there will be a lot of public transport, a new variant of movement Will not strongly affect convenience of inhabitants of the Chinese capital.

Olga LIPCHINSKY, - Irkutsk