Rus News Journal

The Moscow militiamen will support our fans in Israel

In Tel - Abib where will take place a football match between Russian national teams and Israel yesterday have arrived three Russian militiamen. Have called them, probably,   on the threshold of   flow of Russian fans that they have taught 700 persons of local policemen to cope with crowds of our fans.

- First of all, we have arrived to assist our fans, - quotes words of the commander of the Second operative regiment of militia of a city of Moscow of Vladimir Domasheva of RIA News . - If, of course, any fan from Moscow which we know, will start to behave inadequately with pleasure we will promote local police.

Local defenders of the law and order also will impart experience with ours. Preparing for sabbatical game, the Israeli police has spent detailed instructing of the employees and has translated into Russian all information materials which can be necessary in dialogue with thousand Russian fans, informs the Newspaper .

Michael KONTUEV,