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President RFS Vitaly MUTKO: to Players zadurili a head conversations about contractual a match

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After yesterday`s game of our national team from a national team of Israel president RFS Vitaly MUTKO who went to a locker room of a national team has appeared the first in mikst - a zone.

- Vitaly Leontevich, will abuse now players?

- Is not present, they have not merited it. I spoke and I will not be tired to repeat.   To solve global problems, such as an exit in a final part of the World championships and Europe it is necessary to tighten a football infrastructure to world level. At us more few normal fields, good children`s trainers and sports managers. To make qualitative races it is necessary to create at first base, instead of to hope for a miracle and luck.

- Russia actually remained without Euro - 2008. You are ready to resignation?

- At me saootsenka not overestimated. If I feel that I disturb to football I will leave. But I am assured that a way on which we go the correct. And not I so other head all the same will go in the same direction.

- Why our children so have badly played today?

- In - the first, the psychological factor has affected. All these crazy   conversations that the match is bought and with Israel have already agreed   reached players and have negatively affected their subconsciousness. In - the second, at our young children are not present experience of heavy matches. For example in English the prime minister - league in each match goes cabin to the death. And in our national superiority   players spend at most 4 - 5 matches of such level. Therefore for them such matches stress, and without experience validolnyh games on international scene to conquer hard.