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Andrey Arshavin: We cease to be afraid to play, when all is already lost

Andrey Arshavin has explained the reasons of yesterday`s shattering defeat of our football players in a match with Israel. According to the captain of the Russian national team, game was broken by a fast goal.

In the first time at us game did not turn out. From - that we played from defence, in the centre arose holes with which   the fast players of Israel who had advantage on such big space, therefore israelites could use had possibility to create the dangerous moments at our gate. In the second time game has sharply changed. It has reminded me the second time with England. Basically, all of us did correctly, have won back one goal. Owned territorial advantage, not bad combined. However could not dozhat, could not score the second goal, and they have hammered. As a result, we have lost three points - Arshavin in interview to the official site arshavin has told. eu.

so different two times the leader Zenith has explained to that our national team starts to play a full measure only when all is already lost: Because we start to play, and we cease to be afraid to play, when all is already lost. We start to wring out the rival, we do not release it in attack, we press, but time for victory does not suffice .

Now it is necessary to Russian national team on November, 21st already nothing a decisive match with Andorra. As passes RIA Novosti news agency, today players have already taken off for Barcelona, whence 20 - go numbers will go already to andorrtsam.