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Yanukovych personally will meet relatives of the lost miners

On mine   it. Zasjadko in Donetsk, where at 3 o`clock 11 minutes (04. 11 Moscow time) in the night from Saturday to Sunday has blown up metano - an air mix, there has arrived the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych.   together with the prime minister to Donetsk profits and. An island of the Minister of Internal Affairs Michael Kornienko and Minister of Health Yury Gajdaev.

In the same place already work over the organisation of salvage operations and liquidation of failure vitse - prime minister Andrey Klyuyev, Minister of Emergency Measures Nestor Shufrich and the minister of the coal industry Sergey Tulub, informs ROSBALT - Ukraine.

In mine at the moment of explosion was more than 450 persons. 39 miners were lost, the destiny 51 miners is unknown. According to preliminary data, explosion has occurred in 14 - m conveyor shtreke at work on drilling.

Works degazatsionnye are spent with application of the advanced technologies which are in the world, and investments are put in it. This failure once again says that the person before elements is powerless - quotes   Yanukovych of RIA Novosti news agency. today we of it cannot tell, though now preliminary survey of the plan of works on this site has shown that no deviations from the confirmed plan of works co-ordinated with Gosgortekhnadzor, existing, but it is definitive the commission of experts " can tell only; - the prime minister of Ukraine has added.

As he said, on a place of accident the stopper from the destroyed rocks in mountain developments has accumulated. From a similar case in the coal industry any mine in the world " is not insured; the prime minister, and   has noted; nevertheless, the government of Ukraine puts before itself a problem to increase coal mining, to build and open new mines .

Victor Yanukovych has informed on the intention to visit in hospital of the hospitalised suffered miners and personally to meet with   relatives of victims.