Rus News Journal

In sea of Japan the dry-cargo ship

Crew has sunk has landed on saving rafts

the Information that in sea of Japan there was a ship-wreck, has arrived on the panel Vladivostok saving - coordination cent in 17. 35 local time. A vessel Casper - 1 under a convenient flag of the state Sent - Vincent with cargo of wood went from the Find to China and in the conditions of a storm has sunk in 180 miles to the south of the Find.

- Under the preliminary information, displacement of cargo during a storm became the reason of incident, - rescuers have noted. - all people who were at that point in time onboard, and it is 36 persons, including 6 passengers, have managed to get over on inflatable rafts.

Rescuers have noticed that around affliction there is a Russian vessel Verona . 12 persons have lifted from rafts on it, 24 more on two other rafts. In this part of sea of Japan the height of waves reached 4 - h metres, and the wind blew with a speed 17 - 18 metres per second. Planned to involve aircraft but as has darkened early - did not begin to involve...

If will not find today, will search tomorrow by means of the plane. That on a vessel of a problem in saving - the coordination centre has been passed in some hours. The captain wired that cargo was displaced, and the crew tries to level a list of a vessel... Most likely left nothing, and the vessel has sunk

we Will remind that on October, 26th, 2006 approximately in the same area, and the almost same reason during a storm the dry-cargo ship " has sunk; Sinegore . Then from 18 crewmen only 11 persons have escaped.