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The bill of particulars on Vladimir Nikolaeva`s criminal case

Office of Public Prosecutor is confirmed has confirmed the bill of particulars on criminal case concerning the mayor of Vladivostok Vladimir Nikolaeva accused of abusing by powers of office (item 285 ch. 2 criminal codes of Russian Federation) and excess of powers of office (item 286 ch. 2   the criminal code of Russian Federation).

From materials of criminal case follows that Vladimir Nikolays, without having the right to the state protection,   in 2004 - 2005 gg has signed letters on the conclusion of contracts with Management of private security at the Department of Internal Affairs of Primorski Territory about rendering of services in protection of property.

According to these contracts, the armed police officers daily accompanied Nikolaev of Century V at trips from a residence to a place of work and back, and also within the working day during trips on the city of Vladivostok. Object of protection, ostensibly, was the sealed up small suitcase - the diplomat Which Nikolaev V. V carried all time with itself. At survey   in the diplomat   the daily briefs which obviously are not needing constant armed security forces are found. Under the second contract object of protection was the place of actual residing of a family of Nikolaev.

Besides, Nikolaev V. V under the pretext of safety of traffic has organised   during the period from June, 06th, till February, 20th, 2007 its daily support   on a city in kolone motor vehicles employees of traffic police of the Department of Internal Affairs of Vladivostok.

Also, Nikolaev V. V is accused that during the period with 28. 09. 2004 on 20. 02. 2007 under the pretext of rendering of advisory services in pressing questions of security and representation of interests of a city administration of Vladivostok in other cities of Russia has concluded fictitious urgent labour contracts   from Open Company the Private security enterprise the Union . Actually employees of this enterprise carried out its armed   protection.

the General damage from illegal activity of Nikolaev for city budget   has made 13,3 million rbl.

Bodies of preliminary investigation of Nikolays it is accused also that,   being beyond the powers in 2006, has signed decisions about allocation in rent to citizens   the ground areas for a period of 49 years belonging to woods of 1 group. In this connection, regional official body the Vladivostok timber enterprise has lost the powers on possession,   the order and using the federal property - four ground areas the area of 1500 sq. m everyone on which the woods concerning woods of 1 group grew.

As have informed in the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation in Far East federal district, criminal case concerning Nikolaev is directed   in   Lenin district court of a city of Vladivostok for consideration in essence.