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In Maikop the court on the student will take place, placed the video record of execution on the Internet

Today the Maikop city court will consider case of the student which has placed the video record of execution of two persons on the Internet, informs RIA Novosti news agency.

we will remind that in August of this year on the Internet there was a record on which it is clearly visible as two persons stand in wood in a lap, their hands are connected, and over heads the panel with the image of a swastika flutters.

the Previous session of court has taken place on November, 7th on which lawyers of the accused insisted on removal of action in connection with repenting of the defendant. The court has refused satisfaction of this petition.

on August, 15th law enforcement bodies of Adygea have detained the local resident, the student of the local high school, admitted that has laid out the scandalous video record on the Internet. The arrested person asserts that has received a roller on electronic mail from unknown persons to it people. The consequence has established that the letter to the student has come from other region.

Experts have established that the video record contains obvious appeals to kindling of international enmity and is directed on humiliation of worthiness of the people of caucasus and Central Asia living in Russia. Therefore the student will judge under article 282 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (excitation national, racial or religious hostility).