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In settlement Tavrichanka from - for absence of light the boiler-house

This night has been stopped the boiler-house which has remained without the electric power 10 settlements Tavrichanka of Nadezhdinsky area is stopped.

As the assistant to the general director on manufacture KGUP " has explained; Primteploenergo Victor Hrapatyj: It is impossible to tell precisely when the boiler-house again will start to work is depends not on us. The large quantity of failures in networks energetikov calls us serious trouble, especially now, with approach of colds .

  As he said, from - for emergency power cutoffs 17 - boiler-houses in Nahodkinsky, Partizansk, Nadezhdinsky and Hankajsky   on November, 18th stopped; thermal areas.

So, in Partizansk area almost days there was no heating in 43 houses, a kindergarten, school, hospital, polyclinic, and also local recreation centre.

  - From - for failures energetikov boiler Primteploenergo are in networks under constant threat of disconnect. With approach of colds any stop of a boiler-house can lead peremorazhivaniju systems of heating, - Victor Hrapatyj has underlined.