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In Voronezh to the children`s ombudsman it was not converted any child

on May, 30th in « - Voronezh » has taken place a press - conference with Irina Popovoj authorised by the rights of the child at the governor and by Olga Stepanovoj, the head of service of the emergency psychological help « the Telephone hotline for children and teenagers » .

- For incomplete three months I work, to me 63 references from inhabitants of area, &ndash have arrived; has told the children`s ombudsman. – basically they concerned housing problems, an order of dialogue with the child, activity of bodies of guardianship and guardianship, debts under children`s grants, non-payments of the alimony and restoration of the parental rights. This subject at us is lately discussed very actively. There is such opinion: to the kid in the family, whatever it was, always better, than in children`s home. However here is much « but ». What is this parents who separate from children? For example, to me spouses who asked to help to return their four kids have come. At first I was in perplexity: how such could happen? Has started to understand and it was found out that mum works only because it have employed compulsorily for non-payment of the alimony, the father on a broader scale is engaged in nothing. Time and again, fairly having got drunk and at all without hesitating of children, spouses indulged in debauchery. Also it is asked: such family is necessary to children? Also a sore point – dialogue with children after divorce of parents. Unfortunately, people vent often offences the friend on the friend, absolutely forgetting that to the child are equally necessary both mum, and the father. And more one problem – export of children abroad. Here there is one error: when we sign the permission to a trip abroad in the document there is a term. For example, with 1 on 15 number. Many why - that think that this time on what they release the child. Actually, it is a question of that period during which this power of attorney operates. And far does not mean that during this term of the child should bring back. And to return it as practice shows, from another`s state sometimes happens it is impossible. So, I urge all to be more attentive for those papers which sign. With the stroke of the pen you can lose the child for ever.

As Irina Popova has noted, references from children to it did not arrive yet. Probably, young voronezhtsy while simply do not know that in our area there was a person who protects their rights.

the Detailed material about a press - to conference read in the nearest numbers « Members of the Komsomol ».