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novosibirtsy celebrate the World day of refusal of smoking

On a visit at Larissa Anterejkina has visited the assistant to the head physician of the Novosibirsk regional narcological clinic. And first of all speech has gone about rising generation - children and youth which, at times, smoke directly near schools. However, as the doctor assures, today smoking among youth became not so fashionable. And to no small degree it was promoted by antitobacco propagation which is spent in a society in whole and in educational institutions - in particular. Besides, cost of cigarettes grows also that too frightens off at children hunting to smoke. And here with adults, the situation, unfortunately, does not please:

- On - former smoke an order of 60 % of men, and here the number of smoking women grows every year, even despite universal propagation of a healthy way of life, - Larissa Anterejkina has told.

Now not all smokers understand direct communication between smoking and problems with health. And meanwhile, according to doctors, the tobacco smoke brings gastritises, a cancer, strokes, heart attacks, and other most dangerous problems with health.

to learn about more in detail with what smoking threatens and how to throw a bad habit, all interested persons can learn, having visited today free consultation of the expert in the Regional narcological clinic. Besides, to be converted to experts it is possible today by phone: (383 266 - 06 - 03.