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In the Petersburg chapel will put the unknown person « Boris Godunov »

the State academic chapel of St.-Petersburg will present To Pushkin`s birthday musically - the drama play « Boris Godunov » on Sergey Prokofiev`s music.

the plan of this statement of Vsevolod Mejerhold bore some years. It was supposed that performance becomes the response of Theatre of a name of Mejerholda on laying ahead in the beginning of 1937 Pushkin celebrations.

music to « to Boris Godunov » have reserved to Prokofiev. And explanatories of Mejerholda the composer has received wishes in September, 1936. The theatrical director precisely stipulated timing and emotional colouring of each musical fragment, depending on duration and character of dialogues of heroes. In statement the primary text « should be used; Boris Godunov » 1825, yet not edited by censorship.

the shorthand report of a meeting of Sergey Prokofiev with actors during which time the composer himself executed some fragments to « Was saved; to Boris Godunov » also gave to them necessary explanatories.

performance rehearsals have begun in March, 1936 and have stopped in January, 1937. Possibly, a cause of a failure of Mejerholda from « Boris Godunov » there were political reasons and the real threat which has hung over theatre of closing.

Sergey Prokofiev and has not heard the product from a scene completely in orchestral execution. Theatre of a name of Mejerholda have closed in 1938, and 64 - the summer director have shot in 1940 - m.

Was considered that Prokofiev`s score and records of Mejerholda were gone at arrest of the last in 1939. But the Princeton professor of music Sajmon Morrison has casually found out these manuscripts in a store room of the Russian state archive of the literature and art.

Unique statement « Boris Godunov » has passed in theatre of Princeton university and in English.

the Russian audience practically is not familiar with this composition. Separate fragments were executed by Gennady Rozhdestvensky within the limits of a suite « Pushkiniana » and later Michael Jurovsky together with the Symphonic orchestra and chorus of the Berlin radio has written down all music to unfulfilled performance.

the Honored worker of arts of Russia Alexander Chepurov has created new statement into which all musical material written by Prokofiev for statement of Mejerholda has entered.