Rus News Journal

In Kabardino - Balkarii gangsters have killed the employee of a criminal investigation department

Night for May, 31st in Kabardino - Balkarii (KBR) was restless. At first it became known that about 23 hours per the city of Baksane it is killed 24 - summer operupolnomochennyj municipal OVD Baksansky Husen Nahushev. The representative of investigatory management SKR has informed On it on KBR. The employee of criminal investigation department have attacked in the street Revolutionary when the senior lieutenant came back home from work. It has been shot by two unknown persons. On a body of Nahusheva plural gunshot wounds from which it has died on the spot have been found out, and on a scene a considerable quantity of sleeves of calibre of 9 mm is found.

On the given fact investigating bodies SKR on KBR bring criminal case under item 317 (an encroachment on life of the employee of law enforcement body), 222 (illegal circulation of the weapon and ammunition). For murderers search.

Same night on doors ROVD in Tyrnyauze, an administrative centre of Elbrus area KBR, the explosive capacity of 800 grammes in a trotyl equivalent was revealed. In time found out, it has been neutralised by sappers - vzryvotehnikami. Thus nobody has suffered. Search of persons, involved to utanovke an explosive at an input in ROVD is conducted.