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In Priargunsky area medical assistant`s points will be equipped with the equipment

According to a judgement of Priargunsky area of Transbaikalian edge with administration of area and public health services municipal authority Priargunsky central hospital should complete in the near future delivery rooms feldshersko - akusherskih points with the necessary equipment, informs a press - service of Office of Public Prosecutor of Transbaikalian edge.

bowls with a wide bowl and high amalgamators, electrowater heaters of continuous action Will be established. Also completion of first-aid sets by medical preparations, on a case of an emergency and rendering of the antishock help will be spent.

Also the Office of Public Prosecutor has demanded to spend operating repair of some premises of the central regional hospital and   to eliminate available infringements of fire security.

In a press - service have noticed that respondents of the requirement of the public prosecutor recognised in full, however elimination of the revealed infringements needed application of measures of judicial compulsion.