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In Prikamye in seven kilometres from settlement there was a forest fire

- For yesterday`s days in Prikamye the kindling centre in territory of wood fund has been liquidated, - informs a press - service GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia on the Perm edge. – forest fire has occurred in 7 km from village Archangelical Jusvinsky area. Its area has made 0,6 hectares.

About a situation with forest fires in Prikamye on the page wordpress     Igor Orlov has told yesterday.

« I Continue to inform on a situation with forest fires in territory of forest areas of edge by the current moment it looks as follows:

In the Perm edge 68 forest fires on the area of detection of 77,39 hectares (the similar period of last year (APPG) &ndash are fixed; 47 on the area of detection of 32,9 hectares, + 46,49)

68 forest fires on the area of 356,52 hectares (APPG &ndash Are liquidated;   on 74,22 hectare   + 282,3 hectares)

the Average area of forest fire makes 5,25 hectares (in comparison with 1,69 hectare, + 3,56 hectares)

68 forest fires are liquidated within days of 91,2 % (in comparison with APPG 100 %   – 8,8 %)

are not present By the current moment operating fires. According to indicators KPO aviapatrol » is conducted;.