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By order of potustoronnih voices, the Siberian has killed and has decapitated own mother

In Leninsk area of Novosibirsk has occurred on - to the present shocking murder. On May, 30th,   about three o`clock in the afternoon the townspeople have seized a knife and have snatched on own mother. Having finished with 70 - the summer pensioner, the murderer has decapitated it. Having committed a bloody crime, the barbarian has not thought at all to disappear: it and remained in apartment in which lived together with the mother.

- On a call   neighbours, which   heard shouts in apartment, on a scene   there have arrived employees   law enforcement bodies.   in   a course     survey of a site of the district adjoining to the house, they have found   a package with a head   the victim, which accused has thrown out from an apartment window, - informs Investigatory management SKR across the Novosibirsk region.

Soon to the arrested person have brought accusation in murder fulfilment, and under the law it can get for a lattice for 15 years. But according to preliminary data,   45 - the summer murderer suffers affliction   mental frustration and recently passed treatment. If examination confirms foulness of the executioner instead of its prison compulsory treatment waits.

About serious mental frustration tells also behaviour of the matricide. He has explained to guards of the law the act command from above.

- Has told that has heard voices which have ordered to it to kill mother, - has informally retold « a source in law enforcement bodies of Novosibirsk.

Until now the arrested person did not consist on the account in militia, and neighbours give it exclusively positive characteristics. Add that mother very much praised the son and literally not chajala in it souls.

By the way, last year in the same area of Novosibirsk even more barbarous crime has been committed. On October, 8th local residents also became victims of the mad relative. Then 34 - the summer stomatologist, suffering affliction mental frustration, has cruelly finished with the wife and mother.