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The five years` babe has pressed down metal hockey collars

Doctors of children`s regional hospital continue to save life of five years` Ljuby Gushchinoj from settlement the Red Professional intern. The girl the third day in resuscitations, its status the heaviest.   the babe has got very serious traumas of an internal and has lost a lot of blood. Operation lasted almost nine hours.

In target Ljuba together with mum walked on a local football ground, have glanced on the next hockey court which is not used in the summer and grasses. The girl has run about on court and has unexpectedly hung on metal hockey collars. As it has appeared, the metal design has not been fixed at all. Gate have reeled and with a roar have fallen together with the babe, having pressed down its weight. The girl have taken to hospital without consciousness.
As the trainer on hockey Valery Kosarev who is engaged in the winter with children on court has explained broadcasting companies NTM , gate on ice are not fixed, and in the summer them there is no place to put supposedly to parents it is necessary to look is better for the children, and here on a broader scale it nothing kids.
Who is guilty in this incident, owners of court or mum of the girl, the police will respond to this question. Upon state of emergency check is spent.