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On Kuban as a result of an arson the woman

In Krasnodar territory inspectors was lost have filed criminal charges upon murder of the woman and attempt at murder of the child in Novorossisk.

on May, 30th in police the message on kindling of a private home ownership along the street Ostroverhova has arrived. During fire extinguishing by workers of the Ministry of Emergency Measures the body 39 - the summer owner of the house with plural knife wounds, and also its three-year daughter who with extensive burns in extremely grave condition is delivered in reanimatsionnoe branch of city hospital is revealed.

This very day on the given fact the investigatory department on the city of Novorossisk brings criminal case to signs of the crime provided ch. 3 items 30 p.1 item 105, the item « and, in » ch. 2 items 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (murder and attempt at murder of two and more persons, including juvenile).

According to inspectors, the woman lived in the home ownership with the daughter, thus in a residence was characterised positively. During lifetime it worked as the bookkeeper in the market. By a consequence it is established that the body of the victim at the moment of fire extinguishing was revealed lying on a house threshold where the kindling centre also settled down. The presumable reason of kindling was the arson with use of an inflammable liquid.

the necessary investigatory actions directed on an establishment of all circumstances of the committed crime, and also the person, involved in its fulfilment are now spent. Investigation on criminal case proceeds, have informed in a press - service of SOU SKR across Krasnodar territory.