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For reliability augmentation of an electrical supply of hothouse complex SHPK Vegetable in Cherepovets area (the Vologda area) Open Society branch MRSK Severo - the West Vologdaenergo reconstructs VL - 10 kv

For improvement of quality and reliability of an electrical supply of agricultural production co-operative « Vegetable » located in n. The item of Tonshalovo of Cherepovets area of the Vologda area, Open Society branch « MRSK Severo - the West » « Vologdaenergo » realises the project on reconstruction of a two-chain air-line 10 kv « Vegetable » feeding a hothouse complex.

Within the limits of realisation of the investment project till the end of September, 2011 of power plan to execute reconstruction of a site of existing cable lines (KL) 10 kv « Vegetable – 1, 2 » passing on territory SHPK « Vegetable » And also to construct new air - a cable line 10 kv in the extent of 1,4 km.

Now the contractor has started a preparatory part of works - on power object installation metallokonstruktsii under a cable platform is conducted. During the further works the defective cable lines passing on territory of a hothouse complex, and also the lines having a considerable quantity of crossings with roads, heating mains and water pipelines will be replaced.

Agricultural production co-operative « Vegetable » which power consumption makes 1500 kw, is socially - significant object and is among consumers 2 - oh reliability category. The hothouse complex having the area more of 3000 square metres, is equipped by modern computer system of watering and top dressing of plants which demands an uninterrupted and qualitative electrical supply.

- the electric power Commodity market is characterised by a tendency of increase in a power consumption. In a case with hothouse complex SHPK « Vegetable » this growth is caused by introduction at the enterprise of new technologies. Maintenance of constant functioning of modern systems demands from energetikov improvement of quality and reliability of an electrical supply. As a result of the spent reconstruction this problem will be solved – we completely will provide an agricultural complex with a reliable electrical supply, - the director « has noted; Vologdaenergo » Alexander Klimanov.

branch Capital investments « Vologdaenergo » in realisation of the investment project will make about 7 million roubles.