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Tomsk policemen have covered 6 narcobrothels

In Leninsk area two women « a lung » behaviour in free from the basic « works » time started up in demountable 3 - h room apartment of addicts for « a dose ». One of women gave them subjects for consumption of drugs. When a brothel « have visited » employees of narcopolice, at the mistress « stayed » two persons who are in a status of narcotic intoxication. The woman the fault recognised. The investigation is carried on.

In the same area 30 - the summer man celebrated a birth of the son – while his wife was in maternity home, to happy daddy visitors &ndash came; for an input in apartment the owner took from them « a dose ».

In October area narcopolicemen « have covered » One more brothel, which mistress the enterprising woman, earlier already sudimaja for property crimes. When its roommate left on earnings, the mistress with the diagnosis « chronic alcoholism » started up in apartment of local addicts for alcohol.

Concerning all holders of narcobrothels criminal cases under article « are raised; the organisation or the maintenance of brothels for consumption of narcotics » on which the arrested person are threatened with term to 4 - h years. To the persons who were in a status of narcotic intoxication, it is necessary to pay the penalty provided by article « consumption of narcotics without purpose of the doctor ».