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Two militiamen are wounded in Dagestan, one of them has died

Tragedy has occurred yesterday in the Dagestan village Tselegjun of Magaramkentsky area of republic. All has begun with scandal between local youth   — 28 summer man, having squabbled with 18 - the summer girl, have shot at it from a pistol. The girl with a gunshot wound in the left foot is placed in villages Magaramkent TSRB.

When on a scene law enforcement officers the suspect has started to shoot at them from shelter near the house have left.
With gunshot wounds in the central regional hospital have been delivered the major of militia in whom physicians have found out through wound in thorax area. Subsequently he has died. At the second militiaman the bullet has got to a foot.
As informs the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan, shooting at law enforcement officers has been killed by reciprocal fire. Criminal case is raised under several articles of the criminal code of Russian Federation, among which « Murder » « weapon Illegal circulation » « the Encroachment on life of the law enforcement officer ».