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Colombia has lost huge territory

the Government of Colombia has declared that   for last   quarter of the century that   in   to the country goes civil   the war, the armed right extremists, insurgents and drug dealers have taken away from the Colombian peasants of 70 thousand square kilometres of arable lands. As Minister of Agriculture Juan Kamilo Restrepo from the earth force has informed have been expelled hundred thousand families more often.

Result such « ground ekspropriatsii » there was a law passed on last week on earth return to its lawful owners. According to the minister, earth return is considered in the government « a huge administrative and legal problem ».

4 million   hectares   the earths   peasants who do not want to come back have thrown, being afraid of the right militarised groupings, left the guerrilla and drug dealers. 2 million more hectares by force have been taken away from lawful owners. Have caused a stir, according to Restrepo, and the power. Unscrpulous officials have plundered 0,5 million hectares of the earth.

the Majority grasped   the earths   on - former is   in   hands   gangsters or   people representing them   and   the organisations. A part   has been sold   and   now belongs nothing to suspecting fair Colombians. In such cases definition of the lawful owner is interfaced to special difficulties.

On   to the past week the senate   Colombia has countenanced   the law   about   indemnifications to victims   the civil conflict   in   to the country, one of which problems is also return of the grasped earths. The president of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos named the law « historical » however experts consider that on its performance decade will leave at least.

Acceptance   the law passed in conditions of violence from illegal armed formations which have killed this year several active workers of movement for earth return.