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In Iran struggle of the president against parliament and the spiritual power

the Reason of the next flash of pressure does not abate, reports Mehr, began to dismiss the decision of president Ahmadinezhada the minister of oil and to appoint temporarily fulfilling duties of head of one of the most important things in Iran of the ministries itself.

Dismissal in the middle of May of the minister of oil of Massuda Mirkazemi spoke office of the president as one of steps a way of reforming of the cabinet and reduction of the ministries with 21 to 17. It has disturbed the ruling conservative elite incited against Mahmuda Ahmadinezhada and considering it dangerous … the liberal.

In office Ahmadinezhada have explained that the president has the right to displace ministers and to appoint to their place VRIO within 3 months without consultations of parliament. Supporters of the president are surprised by rough reaction which was called by dismissal of Mirkazemi because the idea of reform of the government has arisen not spontaneously – About it spoke not one month.

Conservatives however were indignant at all with the fact of dismissal of Massuda Mirkazemi, and that president Ahmadinezhad has decided to take under the control the main source of receipt of currency in treasury of Islamic republic.

« This illegal and hasty decision will negatively affect interests of Islamic republic Iran at the international level, - the majority at opponents of the president is underlined in the parliament resolution, in which. - mister Ahmadinezhad as the minister of oil has already signed a number of orders which can minister obvious examples of illegal intervention in the governmental financial resources ».