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In Priamure will judge a gang of predators and murderers

One of these days the Amur Office of Public Prosecutor has directed to court the criminal case raised in the relation of three guys at the age from 27 till 29 years. Two from group have dared at the first crime in 2001. Then one of criminals had problems with money, and he has not thought up anything better, except how to kill the taxi driver, to take away a gain and to sell its car. Together with familiar they and have made. The taxi driver has been strangled by a cord, its body is dug around a boiler-house, and the car – it is sold. Money has divided gangsters. Leave on a trace of murderers guards nine years could later only. But before the instigator of murder of the taxi driver was in time still pokurolesit. In November 2009 - go it has instigated the acquaintance working as the trading agent in Open Company « the Megacity - Blagoveshchensk » to steal large party of the cigarettes entrusted to last for sale. The trading agent has agreed. Extraction of thieves of a steel of 37 boxes of cigarettes of the different stamps which total cost is estimated in 332 thousand roubles. Stolen the agent has sold, and the instigator to hide plunder, has burnt a warehouse. « a megacity - Blagoveshchensk » has suffered losses on three and a half one million roubles.

Further, having become impudent from impunity, these swells, having armed with a sawn-off shotgun, have attacked other trading agents « the Megacity - Blagoveshchensk ». Their extraction of a steel of 250 thousand roubles. And for a year before the cunning trading agent of the above-named firm has stolen at the colleague « the Gazelle » from which has then stolen a day gain of the last.

Now to those members of a gang who killed the taxi driver, shines till 25 years of prison, or lifelong. And the trading agent probably should spend on a zone of 18 years, the Office of Public Prosecutor of the Amur region informs .