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The Petersburg deputies undertook for « straightening » roads

Motorists who live on Rzhevka very well understand, about what problem there is a speech. The prospectus of Kosygina is right at the beginning bent as a snake. To drive it without stoppers motorists consider as good luck. Why - in the reference to the governor deputy ZakSa Alexey of Timotheuses has told.

the Bend of the prospectus of Kosygina in the beginning of its line not seldom leads unduly hurrying drivers to car accidents. The road here is narrowed, at failure the traffic appears paralysed - he has written in deputy inquiry.

About a problem Timofeevu was told by one of inhabitants of area. The deputy has requested the information and has found out that here is zolootval which when a line built, ecologists it have not allowed to dig out is harmful to ecology.

to improve a situation, the people`s choice suggests the governor to consider two variants of succession of events: Or to straighten a site on Kosygina or to construct over it a viaduct.

Colleagues Timofeeva have supported deputy inquiry. And if the governor gives OK to such road reconstruction is can become precedent to liquidate other dangerous turns.