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Football players Rostov on Saturday will play basketball against the pro from the Ataman

On Saturday, on June, 4th, in KSK « the Express train » the unusual companionable meeting will take place. Football players « Rostov » will play basketball against BK « the Ataman ». The meeting regulations are simple enough: three against a three on one ring, two periods for 15 minutes will play by rules stritbola, that is.

from each command on game can be declared on five persons to make replacements. Exact line-ups for the present are not named, but under the preliminary information, for FK « Rostov » Dragan Blatnjak, Andrey Proshin, Artem Kulesha will play Anton Kochenkov. And here in structure « the Ataman » spectators will see Ilya Olejnikova, Sergey Barsukova and Oleg Buznjakova.

it is expected that in a month the reciprocal meeting - « will take place; Rostov » will play against « The ataman » but already in more habitual for « it is yellow - dark blue » football.

the match beginning in « the Express train » it is planned at 11:00. To look at this unusual at competitions all interested persons are invited. An input free.