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The court has estimated false charge in attempt at Valentina Matvienko in 150 thousand roubles

After have justified the three Petersburgers accused of preparation for attempt on Valentina Matvienko, the second part of history has begun: the former defendants began to demand monetary indemnification for the year spent in prison. We will remind, in May, 2007 of FSB has reported to president Vladimir Putin of that time about disclosing of terrible plot: a pier, Islamic terrorists wanted to shower with pomegranates Petersburg gradonachalnitsu during a feast the Drinking bout. But the plan is broken in a germ, villains are caught. So 29 - summer Timur Saidgareev, twenty years` Ravil Murat and nineteen-year Vladimir Baranov have appeared in prison. Year the consequence and court lasted. As a result all three have been justified « in the absence of crime event ». That is no attempt at all existed (more in detail here).

Year behind a lattice Saidgareev has estimated in three million roubles. Also wanted to collect them from the state. And the figure has been made not up:

- the Sum we have copied from precedent which has occurred in Saratov, - Timur Vladislav Lapinsky`s lawyer has explained. - There the man too has stayed in a pre-trial detention centre year, it have justified and have awarded three-million indemnification.

However in Petersburg the Themis has appeared not such generous. Also has obliged federal exchequer to pay to the claimant of all of 150 thousand roubles.

- it is visible, at us judges try to collect as less as possible from the budget, - has assumed Lapinsky. - Though too there are strangenesses. Here, for example, the former chief of customs has stayed only three months and has received the same of three million, and Timur has stayed year - and it costs 150 thousand. Probably, judges simply make figures up as it will want it.

the Lawyer suggests to develop scales on which it will be possible to count the sums of indemnifications in Russia. As, for example, it is made in Great Britain where exists huge trehsotstranichnyj the list where it is painted that how much is and when these sums can be increased.

- the Judgement we will appeal against, most likely, here only we will receive on hands the decision, - speaks Lapinsky. - If it is required, we will reach Strasbourg.

And still for the past after court three years Timur Saidgareeva`s life has improved a little. After all, despite the verdict of “not guilty“, it has appeared in the official list of persons which are potentially involved in terrorism. To court it worked as the engineer, now has lost a post and on a new place cannot be arranged. To it at all do not open the bill in one bank. It has appeared that the mechanism of inclusion of people in « the black list » is, and the exception - is not present. That is if there it has appeared, for ever and ever. The Same problems were and at other defendants. For example, Baranova have restored in the TECHNICAL TRAINING COLLEGE, but could not give out a map on which would list the grant.

- the Smolninsky court has decided to clean a name of Saidgareeva from the list, - the lawyer Lapinsky has told. - And Timur`s affairs began to be adjusted at once. And already after that the State Duma had been accepted also the law which establishes the exception mechanism.

However, former engineer has not had time to be arranged anywhere yet. Also lives that collects a cranberry and hands over to its suppliers.