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Passion to the extravagant dress the lady the Eider

the Lady the Eider hardly has not ruined admitted that has spent enormous money for monstrous dresses for tour « Ball of monsters » and hardly did not become the bankrupt. After the one-and-a-half-year tour consisting of 200 concerts, she admitted that has got into debt and now should 1,82 million pounds sterling. Thus she did not guess at all that can become the bankrupt.

25 - the summer singer yet has not forgotten, as was indignant in conversations with the agents: « Why all say, what I do not have money? How such there can be if at me 5 singles which took the first places? » also heard in the answer: « Because you should 3 million dollars.
the situation has appeared so heavy that after the first part of tour serious changes that has allowed to earn 138 million pounds have been made to it.

The singer explains that she knew nothing about the debts because money in her life plays far not the most important role.

« the Word of honour, - the Eider in interview has declared the lady, - money of anything for me does not mean. My largest purchases were a mitral valve for the father and « rolls - rojs » for parents for an anniversary of their wedding ».

With the valve all is clear. As to « rolls - rojsa » the lady the Eider has bought it therefore by the car of the father there were numbers with her name and its admirers everywhere followed it.