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In Evenkii bears hunt for people

The day before an adult bear has come to geophysical station that costs in 14 km from settlement Kislokan on Lower Tunguska. As have informed in department of information policy EMR, the bear has become interested in a garbage heap and even tried to hunt on the watchman.

This bear represents threat for people and consequently now for it hunt, but while it manages to disappear.

One more case of occurrence of a bear near people here has happened in the end of May.   the she-bear with two bear cubs left on coast of Stony Tunguska in kilometre from houses of Vanavary. The reasons for that can be a little: on a watering place, in a taiga it is for the present hungry, and ashore already there is a vegetation,   and mother could hide thus bear cubs from adult bears in the bear weddings.

Grigoriev`s Elizabeth, the chief specialist of department of information policy EMR

- to Destroy females with cubs it is forbidden categorically, therefore ohotinspektor in Vanavare has obtained the order only to frighten and drive away a she-bear noise, - Grigoriev`s Elizabeth has told the chief specialist of department of information policy EMR. - as hunting for them actually is not conducted, their quantity annually increases by 18 percent. The hunting licence for a bear costs 3000 roubles – it is expensive to local population. Representatives of the radical people can hunt free of charge, but the bear hunting is not included into their traditions, and the hunting tourism in Evenkii practically is not developed.