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Open Society Uljanovskneft modernises system of measurement of quantity and oil merit figures on PSP the Wedge

Ulyanovsk. Open Society « Uljanovskneft » branch   Open Society NK « RussNeft » modernises system of measurement of quantity and merit figures of oil SIKN 620 on PSP « the Wedge ».

replacement izmeritelno - the computer complex (IVK) IMTS - 03 on IVK IMTS - 03 with « Is made; hot » reservation. It will allow   to increase reliability of system   the commercial account, and also will exclude a stop of process of downloading of oil.

SIKN 620 it is intended for the automated measurement of weight and oil merit figures at registration operations between Open Society « Uljanovskneft » and Open Society « AK Transneft ».

For the inquiry:

Open Society NK « RussNeft » Is vertically - the integrated oil holding and   enters into ten the largest oil and gas companies of the country. The company occupies 10 - e a place among oil the companies of Russia on extraction volume (2,6 % of volume of oil recovery and a condensate in the Russian Federation) and 7 - e a place on processing volume (3,2 % of volume of oil refining in the Russian Federation).

In structure NK « RussNeft » 24 extracting enterprises, 2 oil refining factories enter.

                    activity Geography « RussNefti » covers 12 regions of Russia and the CIS: HMAO, JANAO, Tomsk, Ulyanovsk, Penza, Bryansk, Saratov, Kirov, Orenburg areas,   Republic Udmurtiya and Byelorussia. The head office of the Company is located in Moscow.

Total amount of oil recovery by Open Society NK enterprises Russneft makes 13 million tons. Total taken stocks of oil exceed 600 million tons. In working out is   167 oil and gas deposits.

the Volume of processing NPZ of the Company makes 5,2   million tons. Since 2011 motor fuel NK « RussNeft » correspond to the quality standard of an ecological class of Euro - 3.

the Holding is the large supplier of oil and oil products in near and far abroad, and also on home market of the Russian Federation. On quality of fuel Company production corresponds to technical regulations of the Russian Federation and European Union REASH regulations.

Number of the personnel of the Company makes more than 20 thousand employees.

Open Society « Uljanovskneft » affiliated extracting enterprise NK « RussNeft » is the largest nedropolzovatelem the Ulyanovsk region. In enterprise working out is   21 deposit.

Now   all developed Open Societies « Uljanovskneft » deposits are divided on two groups: Southern and Northern. Deposits of Northern group are territorially located on severo - the east of the Ulyanovsk region in Melekessky, Cherdaklinsky and New Malyklinsky   areas, deposits of Southern group – in the south of area in New Spassky, Nikolaevsk Pavlovsk, Old Kulatkinsky and Radishchevsky   areas.

the oil recovery Volume in 2010 has made 769,177 thousand tons. By 2013 the enterprise plans to increase extraction to 1 million tons of hydrocarbonic raw materials.

Residual taken stocks of oil on the Ulyanovsk block make 73,217   million   tons. Escalating and development of resource base is provided at the expense of performance of a complex of prospecting works.

Open Society   « Uljanovskneft » directs scale investments for perfection of an industrial infrastructure of Northern and Southern groups of deposits. It is mastered capital investments in 2010   141,9 million roubles.

the Enterprise renders camera services in extraction, preparation and prorolling of oil of Joint-Stock Company of the joint venture « Nafta - Ulyanovsk » and Open Society NGDU « Penzaneft ».