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The Lithuanian politician is assured that Lithuania will overtake Russia on atomic power station building

Lithuanian Sejma Sauljus Pecheljunas`s the Deputy is assured that its country will construct the atomic power station earlier, than Russia in the Kaliningrad region. He has declared it on Wednesday, on June, 1st, at conference in the Diet.

« If Russia constructs the atomic power station in Kaliningrad, hardly it will overtake Lithuania » - he has noted during discussion at conference in a Diet, the atomic power station devoted to building in Ostrovtse (Belarus).

In its opinion, Russians should change the sight on   the Baltic region and really to estimate all gravity of intention of Lithuania to achieve the power security.

Power independence – it is serious, and tanks any here will not help. In that status in what today there is a region of Baltic, eternally cannot remain, and it is necessary to allow for it to live easy in normal relations with Europe and Russia. I hope that in Russia it understand - the member of parliament considers.

In its opinion, in Russia everything that is connected with power, oil and gas has political underlying reason.: « for Kaliningrad for today energy suffices also nuclear station for the needs is not necessary, Russia builds it practically for export ».

Speaking about plans of Russia about building of the Baltic atomic power station, he has noticed that plans of Russia as Belarus, are not co-ordinated with the international structures. Sauljus Pecheljunas is assured that the Belarus atomic power station will be built by Russia because Belarus does not have now such possibility.

« If Russia builds it without the coordination you know that Lithuania makes the serious demand of EU not to buy energy at those stations which do not correspond to safety requirements » - the politician marks.

Besides, the member of parliament is surprised by a choice of the Belarus authorities for station building – Near to the Lithuanian border, naming its political decision, informs an information portal ru. DELFI. lt.

we will remind that the government of Lithuania has received two offers on building of the Visaginsky atomic power station (VAES).

under the informal data BNS, one offer Japanese company Hitachi together with American General Electric has presented, the second - the American concern Westinghouse, 77 which % of actions belong Japanese Toshiba.

the President of Lithuania Dalja Gribauskajte has told that in the world is not so many companies which can build the atomic power stations, therefore two offers on atomic power station building in Visaginase estimates not bad.