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In Khabarovsk the Ecological festival

the Basic event of commemorating of Day of the ecologist in Khabarovsk will take place will take place tomorrow in 10. 00 in city centre. Active workers youth and public organisations, whose activity is directed on the preservation of the environment, an amicable system will walk in ecological procession from park « the Dynamo » to the Komsomol area, crying out rechevki and bearing in hands posters and headers with appeals to protect the nature.

- It is expected that in ecological procession, 200 persons will take part basically youth nearby, - has told « fulfilling duties of the chairman of the Khabarovsk regional branch of the All-Russia society of wildlife management Vladimir Sidorov. – carries out action our organisation with support of administration of Khabarovsk. And the police has allocated to us an escort car for safety. Participants of procession with posters will pass in the special form from park « the Dynamo » To the Komsomol area along the street Muraveva - Amur. On termination of procession in a building krajsovprofa on the Komsomol area the concert program with rewarding of the best active workers of public nature protection movements and the organisations will take place. Also within the limits of Ecological festival we will carry out the action « Hunting behind batteries ». All its participants will have an opportunity to collect the old used batteries and at action summarising in September to exchange them for accumulator rooms – at the rate of 1 to 10, that is 10 old batteries on 1 accumulator. Why batteries? The matter is that they cause the big damage to environment – to soil and water though we do not think of this harm, throwing out them. This action we want to underline importance of recycling of a modern household waste.