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The Ufa boxer ran on rails with the cut throat

52 - summer ufimets Boris Polonsky, in the past the sportsman falling hope, the candidate for the master of sports has decided to commit suicide. Failures in private life and loneliness have finished the man, as they say, to the handle. The former boxer has got drunk and has gone to walk on station Jumatovo streets. < p >

- From - for drunk the victim had an attack « a delirium tremens » and he wanted to cut with a nail to itself(himself) veins, but at it it has not turned out, then it, having remembered the skills of the boxer, began to beat fists on windows of railway station « JUmatovo » - the senior inspector of the Ufa interdistrict investigatory department of SOU SK tells the Russian Federation on RB Ildar Lukmanov. < p >

One of windows has broken. Boris Polonsky took one of splinters of the window broken by it, cut to itself wrists of both hands and has gone along railroad tracks. Cuts on wrists it has probably appeared insufficiently for realisation conceived, and, having passed more than 200 metres, it cut with the same splinter of glass to itself(himself) a throat. < p >

the Man has bled to death. It was found out by casual passers-by. < p >