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Kitenok, run aground in Primorski Krai, has died a natural death

the Whales floating in kilometre - ones and a half from coast, for inhabitants of settlement Anna that near to Livadii, a habitual show. Every spring local residents photograph these huge mammals who are starting up fountains. And this time with one   from giants there was a misfortune.

- in the Morning on May, 31st our worker has come running to me, - Tatyana Gomzjakova operating base of rest that nearby has told. – Speaks: there a whale has thrown out to coast. Has gone down, I look – really, up a belly the whale lies. I have called owners of base, and they have already called the Ministry of Emergency Measures.

Rescuers have arrived only next day. To rescue - that was already nobody, therefore MCHSovtsy have taken a picture of a strange find and retired, having promised to send the biologist who will examine a whale, will define its age and a floor. In the meantime local residents too come fotografirofatsja against the big animal.

- We of a whale saw only in photos, - Michael Maminov, the leading engineer of laboratory of sea mammals TINRO speaks. – On them also we will try to define at least age and a floor of an animal. To leave to the place of already sense is not present, local residents already skinned the hulk so to make the analysis of an internal it is impossible. Most likely, the whale has died a natural death, and inflow has beaten it to coast.

By the way, nobody is going to take out a body of a whale – experts are assured what to decay it will not be in time. It within a week obedjat sea rachki.

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