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Tenants RPU in the Samara region can refuse the sites

the Head of regional department of hunting and fishery Vyacheslav Lebedev has held a meeting with businessmen which have acquired the right of rent of fishery sites to province reservoirs. Earlier businessmen have concluded contracts about use of four RPU Federal agency on fishery. It is a question of territories « Vasilevsky islands » « Christmas volozhka » « Inundated » and « podzhabnyj zaton ».

- We have carried on negotiations with a management of firms. Considering a subject urgency, they have gone to us on a meeting and have made decision voluntary to terminate the contract with Rosrybolovstvom and to refuse the rights to the sites » – Vyacheslav Lebedev has informed.

Owners of these four sites have made decision to suspend the activity in these territories which are popular at fans of fishing. In total in the Samara region is seven RPU for amateur and sports fishery. On even to three, located in   two kilometres from Zhigulevsk HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION, around the Usinsk gulf, and also in area syzranskoj Volozhki, the department of hunting and fishery has passed the decision on cancellation of their borders. Now this document passes legal examination in nature protection and regional Offices of Public Prosecutor, informs 63. ru.

Besides, borders of fishery sites in the Samara region were formed with infringement of the legislation and without opinion of representatives of municipal unions. Therefore the situation with 7 fishery sites declared on competition will be reconsidered.