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In Turkey will arrest a three suspected of business about a poisoning of Russian tourists

Turkish court yesterday, on June, 14th, has given out the warrant on arrest of three local residents. According to the investigation, they are involved in a poisoning of Russian tourists on a resort of Bodrum.

we Will remind, on the night of May, 27th in Bodrume during excursion on   to the yacht   there was a mass poisoning of Russians. As have found out, the poisoning reason became metanol, containing in whisky. Four persons have already died, a little till now remain in Turkish hospital. Among them – Victoria Nikolaeva, the student of the Yaroslavl pedagogical university, it till now in a clod. A press - the secretary « Rosturizma » Oleg Maheev has informed the Yaroslavl City TV channel that its status has a little improved. And its girlfriend Victoria Konjaeva, also from Yaroslavl,   Already has some time ago left Turkish hospital

the Ambassador of Turkey, last week visited Yaroslavl, has told that Turkish inspectors work in close contact to the Russian colleagues. Investigation process goes in blaze of publicity, and guilty the rigid sentence of court of republic waits.