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Tomorrow there will be a night of the Red Moon

In the night from Wednesday to Thursday inhabitants of the European part of Russia can observe the first in this year and the most long in a new century a total lunar eclipse.

This phenomenon astronomers name even at the night of the Red Moon: during the moment when the terrestrial shade completely closes a lunar disk, the night star gets a reddish shade.

the Moon will concern a terrestrial penumbra on June, 15th in 21. 24 Moscow time, in 23. 22 Moscow time the Moon completely will enter into a terrestrial shade, in 01. 02   on June, 16th – the total lunar eclipse will end, and to three o`clock in the morning across Moscow the Moon completely leaves a terrestrial shade.

« the Eclipse will last 105 minutes. If at this time it to appear to us on the Moon we would observe how our Earth blocks the Sun in very interesting image. Our star now restless, its crown very much differs from that that was during the quiet Sun. Then it was visible two powerful tails and on poles rare polar « brushes » and now it all rastrebushennaja » - has told managing the educational automated astronomical complex of Novosibirsk state university (an observatory « Vega ») Alfija Nesterenko.

« We will conduct supervision, translation on a site of our observatory vega. nsu. ru and more spectra we will try to write down. Passing from the Sun, on a tangent bending around the Earth, beams pass to the Moon. Small difference from the spectra which have been written down from the Sun, maybe, and it is especially interesting » - quotes its words of RIA Novosti news agency.  

Last time the total lunar eclipse happened one and a half years ago. If the sky is cloudless to admire the red Moon   it will be possible also with open years.

In an astrology lunar eclipses are considered as successful time when it is possible to begin « new life » and to get rid of every possible bad habits. For example, it is the good moment for ever to give up smoking.